You generally see headlines like ‘A to Z of xyz’, don’t you? Then what does ‘A to S’ means? S, here stands for starting, because as they say, the journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.


Waiving off financial burden, relief in tax and tariffs and liquidity in cash are some of the benefits of this loan. As suggested by the name, the loan taken for business with intent to repay at a certain interest rate is known as business loan. CIBIL score, age of applicant, nationality and age of business qualify themselves as various parameters for eligibility. As far as CIBIL score is concerned, it acts as both, the cause and the consequence of it.

Duals of Business Loan

  • It can be broadly divided into two categories: secured and unsecured. In the secured ones, there is a collateral involved while unsecured is the one without collateral.
  • In accordance with borrowing structure, it can be done in two ways: equity finance and debt finance; involving money for the initial and shares for the latter.
  • As far as lending organization is concerned, ventures can attain loan either from private banks or through government schemes like PMMY, NSIC, MSME loan in 59 minutes and CLCSS.


Nitty-gritty of the system

Fresh business ventures do not qualify for loan from private agencies, hence hectic document verification process from government institutions comes as the last resort for them. Ventures, older than 3 years can go for private organisations with business vintage proof, ITR, and record of average balance. The range of loan varies from 50,000 INR to 50,00,000 INR in majority of the cases. On the other hand, the maximum duration of time is   of three years, again in majority of the cases.

Business loan is not corporate loan

Though in layman language, the terms are used interchangeably but the fact is, in technical world, the jargons need to be used appropriately. However, the difference is only in terms of the age of company and along with it, the amount of loan it can borrow.


The private players, in comparison to the public ones come up with additional benefits of quick approval, zero collateral, minimal documentation and long repayment time limit, just to name a few. Since nowadays, business wave is turning into huge tide, the term and its’ applications are getting their due recognition.

Apply For Auto Loan Is A Good Decision?

Auto loans are for people who desire to buy their vehicles and are not able to raise funds to buy them. The first vehicle can be a top model car or second hand or it can be a two-wheeler auto loan that provides funds for every type of vehicle. An auto loan can be provided online by submitting the ID proof, income proof, and all other details required, and the money is transferred to the bank account. Generally, the amount of interest on the loan provided is fixed by the lender. The problem arises when the people are not sure if the loan, they are longing for is secure or not.

Are Auto loans secured or not?

Auto Loans are secured loans as the amount of money credited to the borrower for the vehicle and the vehicle, they purchase using the amount borrowed acts as collateral against the loan. So, if the borrower fails to repay the loan at the time fixed by the lender, he is allowed to take away the vehicle purchased. The interest rate for the auto loan is comparatively low interest as compared to loans.

Auto Loan

Tenure for returning the auto loan:

There is specific time limit for returning the loan fixed by the lenders. The loan is provided for both long and short periods, the tenure of returning the loan depends on the type of loan chosen by the borrower. For instance, if the individual applies for a loan to buy a two-wheeler period of returning the amount will be 18-24 months, while for a person applying for a car loan the duration of returning them for a shorter period is 2 to 3 years and for long period is 7 to 8 years. Individuals apply for a loan for a longer duration to have maximum time to pay the debts without knowing the increase in period for returning the loan and opt for an increase in interest rates. So, the buyers should try not to choose long tenure.


Loans will provided through different sources like Banks, credit unions, online financing, and many more. The individual should choose secure way of getting credit at a low-interest rate. The income earned by the individual so loan can be repay on the time credit score increases and the required credit score is 750 or higher so that future lender does not deny the loan application.