Effects Of The Pandemic On Education

Although covid-19 has affected all spheres of life, education remains the most affected. The learning loss during this time was huge across the world. This learning loss did not only affect the students in the aspect of education but also gave rise to inequalities. Due to the closure of a massive number of schools, teachers had to transition into a different way of learning abruptly which was remote learning, or online learning. The problem with this way of learning is that it lacks personal interaction between teacher and student. Though some countries tried to improve remote learning by adding various other methods to it, like social media, email, or telephone it was realized that there was an actual learning loss. Unfortunately, it is found that the students with uneducated and financially weak parents have suffered more losses than those whose parents are financially advantaged.

Not only has this but it also been noted that remote learning has resulted in a decrease in the scores of the students which could result in a future decline in employment. All these learning losses could finally result in lower future income and less access to higher education.

Education System

 Impact Of Covid-19 On Schools

As it is evident that school is the second home of a child. In school, children play, have fun, and study together. Schools bring out different personalities in children which is a very important part of a child’s day-to-day schedule. First of all, Covid-19 affected this efficient mode of learning through the closure of schools. This affected teachers as they had to change the way of teaching and the method of assessment. And the method of online teaching was not even started in every school, it was only a handful of private schools adopted this method. Also, it could be observed that students and teachers did not take these online classes seriously. This type of learning proved to be vague for both teachers and students.

Assessments and Examinations:

The methods of examinations and assessing them were also changed during this time but these methods were in no way productive. It was tried that examinations should be taken traditionally in online learning as well, but there were a lot of errors. Errors such as technical glitches or measurement errors. Teachers used online assessment tools which ad certain limitations. Talking about the seriousness during this examination it was almost nil. Students used to copy from Google and various other websites. Though students managed to pass these exams there was no productive learning during this time.


No matter how advanced technology becomes, the best type of learning is personal interaction where the one-to-one conversation is important. This could rather be because our society is not used to online platforms and that’s why it wasn’t taken seriously during covid times. We could conclude by taking into consideration the results of online education which wasn’t productive.